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A Properly Trained Staff Will Save You Money
The restaurant industry is facing tough economic times. According to a recent survey from foodservice consultants Technomic, 35 percent of consumers said they are eating or buying dinners out less frequently than they were one year ago.
When business is down, operators constantly look for ways to save money and maximize profits. Some might even be tempted to cut corners on training. This is often a huge mistake because it can cost the operator more money in the long run. Having a properly trained staff is an essential key to success in the restaurant industry.
The benefits of training employees with a food safety program, such as ServSafe, are myriad. Produced by National Restaurant Association Solutions, SevSafe is the nation's most widely accepted food protection manager training/certification program.
Training with ServSafe can save operators money in the following ways:
● Employee Retention. Employees who undergo proper training tend to keep their jobs longer than those who do not. Staff members who clearly understand their roles often seek professional advancement within the organization. This leads to a higher degree of job satisfaction and company loyalty.
● Reduced Turnover. When staff members retain their jobs, the operator faces less turnover. This means less time will be devoted to introductory training and employee orientation tasks. An operation with excessive employee turnover cannot function efficiently and meet its long-term goals.
● Increased Productivity. Greater stability within the staff can lead to greater productivity. Properly trained workers can guide/mentor each other so that incorrect procedures are fixed quickly and organically. This can be a bonding experience for employees who take pride in "getting it right the first time."
● Consistent Safety. Proper training in food safety can protect the public by preventing a foodborne-illness outbreak. Every staff member should be aware of the numerous ways that she or he can make every meal safe for every customer. "The costs of a foodborne-illness outbreak to an operation can add up," said LeAnn Chuboff, director of Science and Regulatory Relations for National Restaurant Association Solutions. "Those costs can include a loss of sales, a loss of reputation, negative media exposure, lowered staff morale, legal fees and increased insurance premiums."
● Absence of Fines. Remaining compliant with health codes enables an operation to avoid costly fines that can damage the bottom line, or, in the worst-case scenario, result in the closure of an operation.
A downturn in business certainly presents challenges for any operation, but maintaining a properly trained staff is a surefire way to stay ahead.



By: Virginia Petrancosta, NRA Solutions