Soup Day

It was a good day to make soup. In fact, any day is a good day to make soup.

Every month or so I clean out my freezer. I pull everything out, take a good look at it and decide if it goes back in or stays out to be made into something yummy. If it stays out, I start a list of soups I want to make. I never use a recipe for this activity, I just wing it and it always turns out. I just kind of make a list of ingredients that I think would go together and pull a few things from the pantry that would round out the flavor profile I was trying to include. I get the insta pot going and the stove to move things along. I used a can of jack fruit to stand in for chicken in the first one. It chops and looks exactly like chicken but it's a unripened fruit. Learn more about jack fruit here. Soup is my go-to winter lunch. I find it helpful to have at least 4 kinds in rotation so I don't get kitchen soup fatigue. AND I get my servings of vegetables in as well.

Pumpkin Lentil Saffron





Red Lentils

Moroccan Spice


Sour cream


Salt and pepper

Faux Chicken Soup

Ramps from last spring that I want to use up


Dried Asian mushrooms- reconstituted

A can of jackfruit I picked up from Trader Joe

Rice noodles


Green onions

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