Celebrate Mom and National Shrimp Day!

Today is National Shrimp Day, a day that's celebrated because Americans eat Shrimp more than any other seafood. It's Bubba Gump's favorite day of the year! I remember years ago flying over the Gulf Coast shrimp beds on a tour with a seafood sales rep from a local seafood distributor. It was fascinating to see the boats circling and what they were pulling up on their nets from above. It was a great geography and history lesson about the shrimping industry of the Gulf Coast. I love the texture and savory taste of shrimp. It's a versatile crustacean that can lend itself to being multicultural. Now that I practice a plant-forward way of eating, shrimp dishes are fewer for me these days. However, when I am feeling homesick, my favorite recipe for shrimp heralds from the famous Pascale Manale's restaurant in New Orleans takes me back there, if even only for a little while. There are some amazing plant-based shrimp alternatives out on the market available frozen in well-stocked Asian Supermarkets that would work as a stand-in.

The ingredients used for this dish are:

Shell on Shrimp - The most widely available shrimp I have found is 21/25 which means there are about that many to one pound. The original recipe calls for head-on but those are only available in season these days. The idea of BBQ shrimp is