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Professional Online Training Courses


Chef Arlene Coco has teamed up with Tap Series to offer a new menu of state health department authorized online training courses for your convenience. Here’s how it works:

  • All courses are compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • Once you register and pay, you will receive a username and password within 24 hours and then you will enter your course. You will have 90 days to complete your course.

  • There are no books, but there are study guides and printable post training referenced materials included with each course.

  • All courses are accessible 24/7.

  • Food safety manager and food safety renewal courses are available in English and Spanish.

  • You will enter the class portal on the food safety page by clicking the link Tap Series Online Training. There you will enter your username and password and access your course.

  • For the food managers recertification in Minnesota, you will print the certificate after you finish and send it to the State of Minnesota Health Department along with a renewal application. You also will need to include a check for 35.00 and the state will in turn send you a brown renewal certificate and card for your Certified Food Protection Manager license.

  • For the food safety manager’s initial certification course, you will finish the course and contact a testing center to take the test. You will not be certified as a Certified Food Protection Manager unless you take the test. The testing center will charge 48.00 to take the test and must be paid separately to the testing center. On the Tap Series website there is a list of testing centers locations.

Food Safety Courses


Online Foodservice Food Safety Manager Certification Training


Course Duration 8 hours

Online course only, no book. Testing not included with price.

$125.00 per online course

Please read this important notice regarding this course.
In order to finish this course, you will need an Exam Proctor.
If you are already scheduled with an exam, your proctor will tell you what you need to know. If you don’t already have an examination scheduled, you can go to a local test center. Click here for a list of test centers for Certified Food Protection Managers.

At the test center, you will take a required ANSI accredited Food Safety Manager Examination. If you use a test center, you will have to pay the exam company for the exam. Be sure to complete the entire training course to assure your best chance of passing the examination on your first attempt.

  • Rated "Highly Recommended" by the National Association of City, County, State and Federal Sanitation Regulators, NEHA.

  • Online Food Safety training achieved a 100% certification examination first time pass rate in a study conducted by The Ohio State University.

  • University of Illinois study proves online is effective as a classroom.

  • Is the most widely accepted, by regulatory agencies, on-line food manager's training in the country.  

High-quality presentation and simple to use. Hours of video, audio, and interactive learning games, with all text and narration available in English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese. 1,100 local test centers nationwide. Test center contact information offered at the end of the course or at the Test Centers link on the home page. Examination cost is not covered by purchase of training course. Contact test center for current examination price.

All the knowledge needed to pass any of the ANSI-accredited food manager approved exams is provided.

Lesson One: The Need For Food Safety Training
Lesson Two: Foodborne Illness: An Overview
Lesson Three: Foodborne Illness and Allergies
Lesson Four: Personal Hygiene
Lesson Five: Keeping Food Safe
Lesson Six: Purchasing and Receiving
Lesson Seven: Storing Food
Lesson Eight: Thawing, Preparing, Cooking, Cooling, Reheating
Lesson Nine: Serving Food Safely
Lesson Ten: Equipment and Utensils
Lesson Eleven: Facilities and Equipment
Lesson Twelve: Cleaning and Sanitizing
Lesson Thirteen: Pest Control
Lesson Fourteen: Active Management Control and HACCP Systems

Hundreds of major educational institutions, corporations, and government organizations use this program as a credit course of study and/or to prepare staff for the ANSI-accredited food manager examination.

Minnesota Food Managers Re-certification Course



Course Duration: 4 hours

Valid for 3 years

$85.00 per course - No test


High quality presentation and simple to use. You have 3 months to complete the class. Interactive video and audio. Covers the basic needed information approved by the state of Minnesota for re-certification.

After you take the online course, you will need to print the certificate and send it to the State of Minnesota health department along with a renewal application and a check for 35.00, they in turn will send you a brown card certificate for your Certified Food Protection Manager license. When asked about the course information on the application, write in Tap Series.

Online Food Handler Training



Course Duration: 45 Minutes

Certificate Valid for 3 years

$25.00 per course

Prairie Kitchen Food Safety Training provides through Tap Series online food handler training. Food handler training is optional in most areas and this course provides excellent food worker training to teach the important principles of food safety to food handlers. Your local regulatory agency may have additional requirements. Please contact your local regulatory agency for more information.

Portions of the full certification training that only apply to food handlers who do not need to take an exam.

This training is a general food handler course. If your local health department requires a food handler card, you will need to take that course. Before purchasing this course, check to see if another course is offered for your jurisdiction.

This course takes approximately one hour to complete and, upon successful completion, provides a printable food handler certificate.

This course is not to prepare workers to take a certification exam. The course to study for the certification exam is Food Safety Manager Certification Training.

HACCP Managers Certificate Course



Course Duration: 10 hours

No Expiration Date

$299.95 per course

Developed in conjunction with NSF International, Prairie Kitchen Food Safety and TAP Series is proud to provide this exclusive on-line HACCP Managers Certificate Course.

This course meets both nationally and internationally accepted HACCP standards. It contains the information needed to effectively participate in the organization, development, implementation and management of a successful HACCP plan. The student will experience practical, real world interactive case studies that cover the "five preliminary steps" of a HACCP plan and the application of its "seven principles". Also included are HACCP plan development forms that can be printed and used to create a HACCP program.

The course provides the foundational knowledge needed to comply with the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act. Successful completion of this course provides a certificate recognized by the American Culinary Federation for 15 hours of continuing education credits.

This course is a must for food industry education, food manufacturers, health care facilities, foodservice operations, retail food purveyors and any organization or business that handles or transports food products.

Allergen Awareness



Duration of Course: 1 hour

Valid for 3 years, fulfills requirements for Michigan Allergen training

$24.95 per course

In this course, you will learn current information on what causes an allergic reaction, the eight major food allergens, how to communicate with customers who have food allergies, and how to assure customers’ allergen needs are communicated within the operation from the initial order to the serving process.


The Allergen Awareness further covers cross-contact, how to avoid it, and what to do when an allergic reaction or attack occurs. Allergen Awareness was designed to be highly flexible, allowing the student to train on their schedule. Upon successful of the completion of the course and 20 question exam the student will earn a certificate that is valid for three years. Certificates are watermarked, and at the end of the course are available immediately to print. And with Certificate Verification at, regulators or employers can quickly validate your certificate to confirm the student holds a current certificate.

Online Culinary Courses

Cooking Basics



Course Duration: 9 hours

No expiration date

$150.00 per course

Appropriate for professionals and non-professionals

Cooking Basics offers a substantial culinary course of study for all those needing a foundation in cooking instruction. Because the training is self-paced, it builds a knowledgeable foundation that saves valuable time in training to professional standards. This wealth of core cooking information is available on mobile phones, tablets and computers.


Cooking Basics' nineteen lessons cover a wide range of instruction, including kitchen equipment and tools, portion control procedures, basic cuts of meat, dry and moist heat cooking methods, slicing, dicing, chopping, plate presentation, seasoning, poultry, seafood, development of consistent recipes, waste management, workplace safety and more. This program utilizes customized, professionally staged videos that allow students to view and interact with professional chefs demonstrating crucial techniques from safely handling a carving knife, to preparing a roux, to stuffing a turkey. Students will witness procedures being correctly performed. Cooking Basics is the bases of a successful operation.

Chef's Fundamentals



Course Duration: 9 hours

No expiration date

$150.00 per course

Cook with confidence! Whether it is learning which knife to use or roasting the perfect organic chicken, this course teaches you simple chef techniques. With Chef Fundamentals, when the recipe calls for minced, julienne or large dice, you'll know exactly what to do.


The nineteen lessons cover a wide range of instruction, including kitchen equipment and tools, portion control procedures, basic cuts of meat, dry and moist heat cooking methods, slicing, dicing, chopping, plate presentation, seasoning, poultry, seafood, development of consistent recipes, waste management, workplace safety and more. The course, printable recipes, reference guides, and glossary are available on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Online Restaurant Marketing and Service Courses

Strategies for Increasing Sales- Restaurant Marketing



Course duration: 9 hours

Restaurant Marketing

No expiration

$99.95 per course

This course offers the knowledge needed to develop a foodservice operation marketing plan or specific topics such as menu design, promotional tools and promotions to increase frequency.

"Why do so many foodservice operations fail? Is it food quality? Is it service?" In most cases the answer is no, it's due to poor marketing! If your potential customers do not know you're there, the doors will close.

This program was developed using nationally renowned experts Bill Main and Associates and The BrandStand Group, Inc. Each provided their years of practical experience helping hundreds of small, regional and international foodservice operations grow their businesses and substantially increase their bottom lines.

This maybe the most important program for the foodservice professional in the TAP Series. For those that purchase the entire program, this unique, highly engaging, media rich, interactive program allows an operator or student to complete the assignment of developing a foodservice operation marketing plan while in the process of study. One or more times per module, the program will prompt the student to apply the knowledge they were just taught to his or her real or assigned foodservice operation. This plan is developed step-by-step within the program. At the completion of the course, the marketing plan becomes the actual plan of action or a comprehensive essay to be graded by an instructor.

The Strategies For Increasing Sales program consists of 18 modules covering such subjects as:
• The 5 minutes/15-mile rule.
• Menu placement and design.
• Establishing your identity.
• How to use your exterior to market.
• How to use your interior to market.
• Creating successful certificate and discount programs.
• The value of selecting the right advertising media.
• How to write successful ad copy.
• How to realistically identify your market area.
• And, much more…

Whether you are looking to revitalize your current operation, open a new operation, or you are a student who will one day be running a foodservice establishment, you must always be mindful that to be successful takes a realistic plan. This program will arm you with the knowledge and tools to be successful in this competitive industry.

Earn More with Service



Course duration: 12 hours

No expiration date

$125.00 per course

To manage or be a successful member of a waitstaff team requires understanding the rules of quality service. This program teaches how to better "interact" with foodservice staff and customers.

Great Service Sells!

Check averages increase when patrons enjoy the total dining experience. Service is the number one reason customers recommend a restaurant.

Earn More with Service, is another of the TAP Series Enhanced e-learning programs providing a media rich educational experience even on slow speed dial-up Internet connections.

To manage or be a successful member of a waitstaff team requires understanding the rules of quality service. This program teaches how to better "Interact" with foodservice staff and customers. Students learn by observing, experiencing and interacting with methods to provide great customer service. They further learn, that while most everyone dining at an establishment orders a main course; items ordered before and after enhancing the overall dining experience.

• Sales of appetizers, premium drinks, and desserts can increase check amounts by 25% to 50%.
• Great service alone can increase a tip by 20% to 30%. These two factors can mean thousands of dollars per year to servers, and add tens of thousands more dollars annually to gross sale

10 - Steps to Service Excellence

The 10 Steps to Service Excellence are steps to moneymaking serving techniques:
• Suggestive selling, cross selling, and up-selling.
• Selling more by painting tasty word pictures.
• The first impression is everything.
• How do your employees measure up?
• The importance of projecting a positive, knowledgeable image.
• The value of teamwork.
• Dealing effectively with challenging customers.
• And an optional lesson on serving and selling alcohol.

This program is designed for easy management of student study results with a centrally located account management database. This database provides training scores that can be reviewed and printed out individually by lessons or as a total record of the student's complete course history. Also, handout worksheets for each lesson are available on the TAP web site and can be customized for post training follow-up.

Testimonials of Tap Series Courses

"I am pleased to inform you that my Students have achieved a 100% pass rate using the TAP program. As a first-time user of your product I am very happy with the results and would recommend this method highly! Thank you and your team!"

Michael J. Moran
Chef Instructor, Hospitality Management, Florida International University



"Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the online training lesson we are using for Food Manager Certification and Recertification. As you know, we have been using your product for one full year now and am proud to report that not one student has failed the exam since I started using your program!!! Over 200 students tested now.

In addition, the ease in which I can sign students up for training, especially for recertification where they don’t even have to leave their store to recertify, is awesome.

Thanks again for setting me up with this program, it has saved me tons of time and frustration. "

Darin Averill
Director of Training, Holiday Station Stores Inc.

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