December 26, 2019

 Dear Chef Coco,

When I was young we used to visit relatives for the holidays in Brazil and they always served a nougat confection on New Year's Eve at the parties. Can you give me a recipe for these?

Sarah J.

Dear Sarah,

Brigaderios are a traditional Brazilian national tr...

December 4, 2019

Dear Chef Coco,

I remember on my last trip to the Big Easy we had a delicious brunch in the French Quarter. I would like to use that as a theme for my holiday family brunch I always hold the Sunday before Christmas. Can you give me some ideas?

Cindy P.

Dear Cindy,

Brunch i...

November 29, 2019

Dear Chef Coco,

I find with all the festivities during the holiday season, I find it hard to stay on the healthy eating zone. Any tips for a single guy who wants to enjoy the season and still stay healthy?

Joe S.

Dear Joe, 

Holidays are a tough time to stay in the healthy...

November 22, 2019

Here is the link for the video segment for the Mediterranean roasted olives I prepared on Fox 21 news recently. I love cooking on TV. I have done it for years and it never gets old. I love teaching the "talent" new dishes and flavors. I bond with each and every we...

November 20, 2019

 Dear Chef Coco,

I want to hold a good old fashioned Afternoon tea this holiday season for my girl pals. Can you give me some tips and tricks to make it a smash?

- Jen L

Dear Jen L,

I have always been a big fan of afternoon tea service. Years ago I was lucky enough to have...

November 13, 2019

So here is my annual public service announcement for keeping food safe while prepping, cooking and serving. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 76 million people a year get sick from unsafe foods. So how can you keep your family safe in the kitc...

November 6, 2019

This time of the year I get lots of questions from my students in my classes about cooking plant based options for the holidays. There are more family members and friends that are eating plant based these days which can be daunting for even the most experienced cook. H...

October 18, 2019

I have been working on a crawfish bread recipe for so long, I forgot what my end result was to be and ventured out into crawfish pie territory for a while until I read my original notes! How does that happen?  Anyway, needless to say, I have been on a crawfish journey...

April 7, 2019

This month's focus is inspired by recent trip to the beautiful Southwest. It started on the train from Chicago to Flagstaff to glimpse the Grand Canyon, something always on my bucket list. Making my way though Sedona, Phoenix and Tucson, I delighted in the local fare,...

January 29, 2019

Grazing Tables are a big thing on the foodie social media sites these days. Mostly cheeses, fruits, meats and vegetables, they should look as good as they taste. The secret is to have a large platter or pan and fill every inch of space with something delectable. Here a...

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December 26, 2019

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