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Cooking Class at the Blue Heron

Great Class recently at the Blue Heron in Duluth. Just in time for Mardi Gras, we learned about New Orleans Brunch, and how to make some delicious, simple dishes. We recreated a repast that is typical, yet delectable fare you would see presented in New Orleans Restaurants.

Fixin's for Pork Grillades

Missing Frenchman Street Music

New Orleans French Quarter Favorites Brunch

Creole Pork Grillades -Medallions of pork tenderloin smothered in a rich tomato gravy

Cheesy Jalapeno Grits - a casserole souffle with cheddar and a hint of Jalapeno pepper

Mamas Biscuits - Classic Baking Powder style

Flambé Bananas with Salted Caramel Sauce

Brunch in New Orleans after church is a long standing tradition among the local folks. It tends to be a more formal affair because you still have your church clothes on when you front up to your favorite neighborhood Sunday Brunch spot.

Creole Grillades are medallions of meat slow simmered in a rich and delicious sauce served over a light cheesy grits baked in the oven.

You will learn the secret to the flavor and lightness of my mama's favorite biscuit that she made for decades to serve family and friends with coffee.

No brunch would be complete without a Flambe of Bananas, French Quarter style. Finished with a easy salted caramel sauce, it will be your next favorite go-to quick entertaining dessert.

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