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Holiday Appetizer Class

I recently had the honor of teaching a private class to 12 wonderful students that were creative and meticulous in their approach to cooking. We had a great time and they learned a few new appetizer dishes that they can take to their next holiday soiree with confidence.

Holiday Appetizer Menu

Baked Brie with Maple Cognac Glaze

Smoked Salmon Pate

Double Stuffed Mini Potatoes on the Half Shell

Soy glazed Beef Bites

Phyllo Purses with Chocolate and Raspberry

Baked Brie

The baked Brie was super easy in the microwave, you can reheat as needed throughout the party in a flash.

The smoked salmon pate was served on French bread toasted and cucumber slices attached with a bit of avocado mayonnaise.

They turned out luscious looking and delicious!

The beef was cut perfectly for the soy glazed beef bites

They were then marinated to soak up the soy glaze and then rolled with a water chestnut.

Just a few minutes later, they were ready to eat

We stuffed the potatoes with goat cheese, spinach and pesto, YUM

Working with Phyllo was a bit tricky, but the results were delicious and beautiful when baked and served with fresh raspberry sauce and ice cream.


Click on item to see recipe:

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