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My Favorite Southwestern Ingredients

This month's focus is inspired by recent trip to the beautiful Southwest. It started on the train from Chicago to Flagstaff to glimpse the Grand Canyon, something always on my bucket list. Making my way though Sedona, Phoenix and Tucson, I delighted in the local fare, celebrating holiday traditions of the dessert.

The recipes and culinary gems I took back can be replicated in any kitchen around the world. Again, the beauty of having a well stocked pantry will inspire you to create new taste sensations at a moments notice.

Here's what I recommend for staples to whip up a Southwestern inspired menu on the fly:

A good quality chili powder or two

An assortment of Dried chilies

Canned no salt added diced tomatoes

Canned Chipotle peppers

Canned or dry black beans

Canned or dry pinto beans

Canned green chilies

Flat crispy tostada rounds

Canned Nopales (cactus)

Canned Tomatillos

Corn Tortillas

Flour Tortillas

Fresh Cilantro

Frozen Corn

Frozen Shrimp and Crab

Crema- (Mexican Sour cream)

Oaxaca cheese

Queso Fresco Cheese

Good quality fresh lime juice or fresh limes

Jicama- A tuber vegetable for snacking, salads and stir fried dishes.

Jalapeno or Serrano Peppers

Be sure to check out my Pinterest page where I have a board named "My slow Southwest Culinary Journey" that features a collection of Southwest recipes. Click here to see the recipes.

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