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Tips for Cooking On The Big Lake Down Below The Deck

Planning is Key

Cooking below deck is in a small enclosed space and it is a real challenge. Seasoned boaters rarely use the kitchen. Most like to do cooking on long trips on deck. Armed with two burners and a small grill, one can produce delectable delights on the back of the boat.

The routine is straight forward and efficient- Big American style breakfasts, richer and extravagant than normal- For instance; Steamed thick-cut oatmeal with fresh blueberries and maple syrup, or pancakes with fresh local fruits, that are stocked before boarding.

Flexibility a must for conditions

The schedule of a power boater is different than a sail boater. Powerboats have to get out before the wind kicks up, so sometimes boaters need to make their move early in the morning and then set up for a feast later in the morning. “Meal planning for a boat vacation is critical, and needs to be simple, because of limited refrigeration and cooling facilities”

The most seasoned boat chef 's advice is planning meals to “Buy the best available meat and vegetables! Why compromise a wonderful vacation?” Here are a few tips that will make every meal on your next powerboat trip memorable-

Tips for packing and cooking on a boat

· -Bake potatoes ¾ of the way through. Cooldown and store, when you heat up the grill, throw the potatoes on and they will be done when the steak is done.

· Freeze meats in a square plastic container. Stuff as much as you can get in while fresh for maximum storage.

· Pack short shelf life entrees such as chicken and fish for the first few days.

· -Keep lunch simple with tasty grazing foods like good quality meats and cheeses, nuts, and items that can be stored and eaten easily out of hand.

· -Diced cooked meats like ham in baggies are great for lunch and do not take up much space in a tight cooler.

· Root vegetables such as onions and potatoes store well under the sink in a bucket.

· -Consume the larger cuts of meats on the first days to free up space.

· -Small jars of olives, marinated artichoke hearts pack high flavor and do not need refrigeration.

· Bring a small scrubby brush to make clean up easier.

· Bars and pans of brownies make good boat desserts.

· -For an elegant boat dessert, prepare crème Brulee cover with plastic wrap, and store the individual ramekins in a plastic container in the fridge. It is a real treat.

· -When grilling, cook extras so you can make potatoes and leftover steak with your morning eggs.


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