Secrets to a glorious Grilled Caesar Salad

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Grilled Caesar salad falls under the "snazzy" category in my book of favorite recipes. A simple technique that lends a taste of summer to the dish. Convenient because you are most likely going to grill something else on the grill too so it's not much effort to create this smoky, delightful salad after you have taken off the other items. I made this recently while I was grilling a head of red cabbage and onions.

Non-Salad Eaters will like this salad because who doesn't like grilled food right? I would serve this for a summer dinner party on the porch, and pair it with a few other grilled protein items to go on top.

The history behind the iconic salad

I have always been fascinated with the history of the Caesar salad. tells the story just like I have heard it over the years.