Fridge Foraging for Creative Soups

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When I was a younger chef, my friends used to love for me to come over and make dinner for them with what I could forage in the fridge. I always saw it as a challenge and they enjoyed learning tips on how to cook without a recipe with ingredients you have on hand.

I learned this from my restaurant days where we had to come up with a scrumptious soup or sizzling special every day. One has to develop a sense of what ingredients go together and have a few techniques in mind on how to make them interesting to the customer but not scare them.

I still fridge forage today with great delight. Our food waste is minimal and it has taught me how to still be creative with everyday ingredients. My husband sometimes is disappointed that a particular meal will never adorn the table again because it was made up of bits and pieces from previous recipes, but he knows that's the price to pay to live with a chef.

One of my favorite things to make when I forage is soup. If it's hot outside, a cool cucumber or gazpacho soup fits the bill. Cooking vegetables along with canned tomatoes in my instant pot and pureeing them gives them a silky smooth texture that can be served hot or cold.