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Easy Focaccia Gardenscape Bread Art Amazes and Delights

I have seen these making the rounds on youtube and Instagram and decided it was time for me to try my hand at gardenscape bread art. I love adorning my dishes with fresh herbs and edible flowers so this was a natural draw for me.

The dough evolved from pizza to pan

I actually started out with a pizza dough recipe that I loosely copied from a recipe for sourdough pizza dough, but I was in a hurry to go kayaking so I couldn't wait around so I cheated and added yeast to the recipe. I wanted to make some outdoor pizzas on the grill later that day. I figured it would all work out in the end regardless of the recipe origin. The pizza dough was so wet and sticky there was no it was going to work on the grill so I reworked the dough a bit and placed in a half sheet pan and hoped for the best.

I was still on the pizza train of thought until my friends stopped by with some fresh herbs from their garden. Along with some ripe tomatoes and roasted peppers that I already had on hand, I guessed it was the perfect time to gardenscape instead of pizza.

I can't tell you the recipe for the bread, but I have included one from the tasty folks below on a video.

Here are the ingredients I used for the garden scene.

  • Ripe Tomatoes- I used the hydroponic ones you buy from the grocery. I sliced them thin.

  • Roasted red peppers- The ones in a jar, fire-roasted work great, I wanted long strips to roll up as a center in the tomato.

  • Fresh basil leaves- I used these to replicate real leaves

  • Fresh Chives- I had these in my garden already so they were the perfect long length. I have seen asparagus in some of the videos for stems that looked great.

  • Fresh Parsley- These were used as little bushes at the bottom of the scape.

  • Fresh Thyme- They were used as a filler as well as little leaves by the tomatoes

  • I sprayed the entire business with olive oil and sprinkled a liberal sprinkling of Course salt on it before I baked it.

It did not look quite as striking as it did raw, but It tasted like the work of art it was. I had to remove the chive stems before cutting but the rest of it stayed in place. I served it with pesto and olive oil at the table and we displayed it on a cutting board and carved it on the table.

Here is a good recipe for the bread and a few more ideas on decoration. The possibilities are endless!


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