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Thai Spring Rolls- A Perfect Holiday Appetizer

I learned how to make these in Thailand a few years ago when I was there on a culinary journey. Chef Nee took me in the back of her restaurant and shared her secrets to making the perfect spring roll.

- Use fresh vegetables and fresh cilantro.

- Be creative with the fillings

- Fresh herbs add a bit to fresh flavor- think fresh mint and Thai basil

This Appetizer is a great go-to for a office pot luck or Holiday party. They can be made in advance and cut right before serving. Click here for the recipe for the Spring roll and delectable peanut sauce to dip it in. It's a great idea if you are tired of cheese and fruit trays and raw veggies and dip. Just about anything can go into them, just clean out the produce drawer in the fridge and use your imagination. Rice papers are available just about any grocery store.

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