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Hi, Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my site! Whether you are looking for plant-forward recipes to explore a flexitarian or plant-based lifestyle, or new recipes to spark joy on your menus, I am glad you stopped by! Here is some information about me and my website. 

I am a chef, recipe creator, cookbook author, food safety instructor, consultant, and culinary instructor that has been teaching and practicing the culinary arts for over four decades. I have written two books and have been a columnist for numerous periodicals over the past 25 years.

My students sometimes call me the Dalai Mama of cooking!  My approach is more Zen-like than most chefs, but I have found my relaxed style of teaching is more engaging for my students because it demystifies the tricks of the trade. I started this blog and website so I could share my experiences with healthy satisfying eating and inspire and motivate others along the way to get in the kitchen and cook!

What you will find on my blog

I am from Cajun country in Louisiana originally and I now live in the deep North woods of the upper Midwest. My ingredients and techniques are influenced by my travels to over 19 countries. Pretty much a melting pot of culinary influence.  My cooking style is plant-forward- what the heck is that you are wondering? Here is the official definition determined by the Culinary