Celebrate International Burger Day with Duluth Grill's Wild Rice Burger

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Burgers- It's the national sandwich that's really a meal. So what better time to celebrate the humble burger, than early summer? Burgers were believed to be invented in Hamburg, Germany, where the butchers used up the scraps and trimmings from the shop.

These days, burgers can be made from anything from filet mignon beef to lentils. I am not surprised to hear that burgers account for over half of all sandwiches sold in the US, and delighted to see it's changing and evolving every day.

Local ingredients make it special

Lots of local ingredients show up on the menu at Tom Hanson’s Duluth Grill in Duluth, like the wild rice in these patties, harvested by Bruce Savage of Spirit Lake Farms. Take a look at the website for Duluth Grill here.