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Open-Faced Sandwiches Make a Perfect Toast Bar

I have been working on this idea of a Nordic "toast bar" for breakfast when I have company. Inspired by my visits to Scandinavia where I was an exchange student in high school and the subsequent trips after, I have grown to love the savory breakfast offerings.

Leisure Morning Eating

I set up my toaster in my dining area, and have lots of options for slices of bread and spreads. I can set it up for a leisurely breakfast for guests so they can have lots of choices. Here are a few ideas if you want to try a new way to present a new age continental breakfast of sorts. This setup works beautifully outside too, provided you have a plug for the toaster. If not, a grill will do the trick too for toasting bread.

Must-haves for a Nordic Toast Bar

Hardtack bread- The authentic one comes in a wheel with a hole in it, but Wasa Crackers will stand in just fine.

Rye bread- Pairs well with seafood and eggs and can stand up to the overload of fillings.

Sweet Potato Toast- A delicious alternative to bread that fits right in the toaster.

Smoked Salmon- I purchase sliced smoked salmon from my favorite store Aldi. I figure one ounce per person.

Boiled Eggs- Soft or hard-boiled to slice and put on the top as a garnish.

Shrimp- Cooked and sliced or chopped

Caviar- There is a Swedish one in a tube that's hard to find in the states, but I buy the best quality I can find in the grocery store.

Jarlsberg Cheese- This is my go-to cheese because it's hard enough to use a cheese plane on and has a mild flavor.

Chopped Capers and thinly sliced red onions-makes a great condiment for salmon.

Sliced lemon- a must squeeze for seafood.

Sliced Cucumber and Tomatoes- A must for any breakfast, I love the crunch of the cucumber and the tang of the tomato which pairs so well with cheese on rye.

Avocado- Sliced for Avo toast and other delights.

Fresh fruit- I like to put out what's in season.

This list is by no means exhaustive or authentic, it's what I have come up with to have the Nordic vibe on the table for breakfast. Let it inspire you to channel a country and celebrate the breakfast foods of the region. It's a bit of comfort now for me, especially in a time where I am homebound.


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