Secrets of Cooking Sizzling Salmon on the Grill

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Grilling salmon is an easy and tasty way to eat fish. Loaded with protein and Omega 3's combined with easy availability makes it a natural choice for a lazy summer dinner. I love to grill whenever I can when the weather is warm, it gives me a break from the stove. Cooking with friends on the patio is a way to be outside, socially distance, share, and connect in a casual yet, satisfying experience.

One of my favorite contributions to a communal dinner is Grilled Pesto Slathered Salmon.

I love it because I can put it together in a flash with prepared pesto, or I can make my own signature pesto with what's coming up in the herb garden.

Chef's Tips for the Perfect Grilled Pesto Salmon

It starts with the pesto sauce. Pesto literally means "paste" in Italian. Made fresh is best, however, frozen or store-bought will work just as well. Pesto is considered a new-age mother sauce, which means it can be spun off into countless other dishes. If I have an overabundance of tender greens in early summer, I use them in the pesto as well.

I remember at the end of the growing season when we had the restaurant, we would buy all the local baby greens we could find from our local farmers and turn them into "Garden Pesto" which we used all winter long in a multitude of dishes.