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Super Bowl Grazing Tables

Grazing Tables are a big thing on the foodie social media sites these days. Mostly cheeses, fruits, meats and vegetables, they should look as good as they taste. The secret is to have a large platter or pan and fill every inch of space with something delectable. Here are a few of my favorite boards to inspire you for the big game party if you are looking for some last-minute ideas.

I like to make a Quickle for the grazing board- It's just a quick pickled vegetable.

For a recipe for Rachel Ray's Quick Pickles, click here. My friend Chef Tudie in Arizona made this one (above photo) recently, it was a show-stopper for sure!

I also like to put out some of those luscious little jars of homemade jams, honey and jellies that my friends give me throughout the year, they go great with sharp cheese and wheat bread or wheat crackers.

Don't forget to add some fresh herbs or edible flowers to your trays, it brings them to life. Have bite sizes pieces and chunks of cheese for visual texture. Think about presenting your grazing table items on boards, sheet pans or unusual platters. placing parchment paper down on the board or platter first makes for easy clean up.

Entertaining with a grazing table makes it easy to have lots of choices for your guests.

Check out my Pinterest boards here for more grazing table ideas

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