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Coco Cooking Class Review!

My three kids (ages 13, 11 & 7) love Chinese food, and Arlene came up with a great 3 course menu. She utilizes the equipment and utensils you already have, which is nice as you can cook with your own things. In the comfort of your own home, she improvises as needed, which is a great way of teaching your children if you don't have something, what the alternatives can be. Arlene is cool and calm, which is her teaching style with the kids. She gives tips about knife skills and other cooking skills like alternative ingredients, making the class more informative than just a regular cooking class. Arlene has answers to all your questions, and will gladly answer any you might have with a smile. I would highly recommend her children's cooking classes for any family that wishes to have their kids not only learn about other cuisines but start to learn and develop proper cooking skills all together. My kids are already asking when she is coming back! You won't be disappointed by having her as your professional Chef!

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