Recipe Free Cooking- Vegetable Soup on the fly

I have been thinking a lot lately about cooking without recipes. For my daily home cooking, I still use all those techniques and methods I learned as a chef. Back in the days when we had the restaurant, we practiced recipe free cooking daily. We would come in and do a visual assessment on what needed to be moved in the inventory. Since we bought mostly fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh meats and seafood, there was always something to use up during it's peak freshness. Soup du Jour was one of those things that we made every day and we were known for our soup. We drew crowds to buy it because it was made from scratch and always nourishing. Our secret to it's success was having the basics on hand so we could be creative with ingredients. Staples such as onions, carrots, peppers and garlic were always the starting point for our tasty soups. Our customers craved vegetables so we made sure the stock was chocked full of chunky, flavorful vegetables.

I have some tips if you want to explore the world of recipe free cooking. Soups are a great place to start- you have the option of making 3 styles of soup- a traditional thin brothy style soup, a Stoup which is something in between a soup and stew or a Thick, rib sticking stew.