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Round up of Sizzling Summer Grill Recipes

We grill just about everything we can think of- Some of my favorites so far have been a whole head of red cabbage given the beer can treatment and grilling romaine lettuce for a Caesar salad. As I research the web for recipe trends, I come across everything from the bazaar to the predictable and everything in between. So here are my top 5 favorite grilling recipes and hacks.

Bon Appetit is a good source for tested recipes. They are not afraid of using unusual ingredient combinations. I love the use of citrus when grilling, it adds a sour zip to the charred taste of grilled foods. This marinade comes together easily and can be used on vegetables too.

Grilled Shrimp with Mojo Sauce from Bon Appetit Blog

I love the blog, the spruce eats. 243 million annual readers and 16,000 recipes. What I liked about the Grilled Miso Salmon was its simplicity and it uses one of my only unitasker ingredients Miso. I am always looking for ways to use up Miso.

Foodiecrush is a blogger from Utah that comes from the magazine world. So it's no surprise that the posts are amazing and well written. This is the perfect primer for everything you ever wanted to know about grilling vegetables.

Great tips here on Grilling Portabello Mushrooms. I love the Balsamic Aioli idea!

No roundup would be complete without a Grilling hacks link.

From Msn, it features tips and tricks to make grilling more painless. I like the idea of serving condiments in a muffin tin and using a cast iron skillet to cook on. There are some keepers here for the grill loving cooks.

So there you have it, a clever selection of tips and hacks just in time for summer. Happy Grilling, wherever you are!


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